Simple Ways to Prevent Sagging Skin Under Chin

As we age, the skin loses the firmness and suppleness of its younger days and begins to sag down. Many individuals experience problems with sagging skin under chin. The loss of the proteins elastin and collagen in the skin is the main reason for this sagging. These two compounds help to keep the skin tight and firm. Sagging can also happen due to sudden weight loss. Many individuals are keen to reduce this sagging and make their skin firm and supple as far as possible. Listed below are some ways with the help of which sagging skin under chin problems can be reduced.

Phytessence Wakame

Phytessence wakame is actually sea kelp and is considered essentially beneficial for the health of the skin of an individual. Not only is the sea kelp beneficial but it is also nutritious. This has been used by the Japanese even before research has been conducted on the sea kelp and the beneficial facts have been discovered. This sea kelp is rich in vitamin B and calcium which are extremely helpful in collagen and elastin formation. This therefore helps in reducing the sagging of the skin.


Nothing works at toning up the face better than targeted exercises. For doing the exercise on sagging skin the individual must first open their mouth enough so that two fingers can be inserted in it. The fingers must be allowed to hook to the sides of the mouth. The mouth should be pulled open gently at the sides with the help of the fingers of the individual. The corners of the mouth should be pushed in and the mouth should be tried to close by the individual. This exercise works a great deal on the muscles of the face. Seventy five contractions in the day and seventy five contractions in the night will help in reaping good results. The results will not be visible in a day but with time it will show on your face and you will be able to understand the difference. For even more great exercises that you can use to get rid of a sagging chin, check out this site.

Natural Vitamin E

Natural vitamin E is a great anti-oxidant and is a good way to reverse the problems that the skin experiences as it age. The natural vitamin E helps in plumping up the lines and also the wrinkles very well. This also helps in preventing the skin from sagging and helps to make the skin firm and supple as before.

Keep the Skin Moisturized

For preventing sagging skin, an individual should take care to moisturize it well. Moisturizer can be applied once in the morning and once in the night for effectively dealing with the problem of sagging.


Sleep rejuvenates the body and also helps the skin fight sagging and wrinkles formation. Sleeping for at least seven hours a day is compulsory for an individual is the person wants to avoid sagging of the skin.
Sagging skin under chin problems can certainly be controlled by individuals with the help of these simple steps. The result will not be immediately visible but with the passing of time an individual will notice the marked changes in the skin and also the decline in the sagging of the skin.